Waterfront 2040

advanced design 2 - march(prof)

We as a modern civilization live in a consumerist society and we live on and with evolving technology. Though Auckland is young it is also growing at an immense pace, by 2040 it is estimated that 2/3rds of the population of the world will be living in developed urban areas. Auckland itself has considered this change and has envisioned an idealistic approach as to be a refined hub not only for the nation but also the world, even though this is almost a utopian approach for the future we tend overlook the concept that we are designing for humans. The growth of the built environment reflects growth as a species, it is our creation. Technology has become an escape for us as a social species, in a sense connecting us as well as dividing us from our external environment. The built environment itself controversially has had negative impacts on human mental health due to the lack of natural visual stimulation from our external setting. But as a growing city it is important that we integrate both technology and the organic stimuli to cater for an age of the future and the present. The waterfront will act as a reflection of what makes NZ pure through the means of bringing the public together to an indigenous environment that we let inhabit the site, while we as humans become the exhibit through controlled circulation and experiences.