The brief for the project looked at the bare essence - how little do we require to live? The focus had become on removing the frills from the domestic and attending to only what is required and needed. All while producing a pleasing experience without falling into the modernist pitfall for starkness. The client for the project was a character from the movie 'Frida' (2002 biographical film - Directed by Julie Tamor) about the life and works of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.
She was best known for her self-portraits. Her life had been filled with physical and emotional pain. They reflected who she was, the events in her life, changes in her feelings - whether good or bad. She recorded her life in paint.
The situation focuses on Frida during her divorce with Diego Rivera. During this time period she goes through a phase of major depression in which she seeks painting as a form of expression. The project had a major focus on private and public for her home and studio. It is a reflectance of her emotions and her withdrawal from society, simultaneously acting as a place for comfort and expression through a personal art studio. Site located on Upper Queen street, Auckland - NZ.