The studio focuses on parametric and computational methods to generate architectural space. The Data that is used was sourced from intricate material analysis using microscopes. This study was then proceeded into visual presentations through both a physical study as well as digital.
The SEM image selected was of a petal, the image displaced a network of fibrous veins which ran parallel in relation to each other. This pushed the process into looking at networks and connections both through a physical study and through a digital study. The theory which i was studying alongside this process was the idea of chaos and order within our natural environment. The idea of a disturbance within a variable which is stationary or stable and how a single element can produce multiple layers of consequences.
The exploration through modelling looked at how nodes and lines acted as elements for chaos and order and how these components interacted with each other to produce moments which were irregular.
My digital process looked at the idea of grid manipulation using Rhino, Grasshopper and Kangaroo, this helped develop circulation, solid and void in both 2-dimensions and 3-dimensions. For the integration to the site the development utilised water run off and contour data as a means of a natural networking system within the context, both data correlated with each other interms of its interaction. This information was then further manipulated through a script to achieve the desired design exploration.  
The project is an aquatic centre acting as redevelopment for an existing golf course. The site which was used for the project was chamberlain park, Mount Albert, Auckland, NZ.