University of Auckland

Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BArch) - 2013-2015

Master of Architecture (Professional) March(Prof) - 2017-2019




Archimedia - Jan 2017- Feb 2018

Level One, Shed 19, Princes Wharf, Auckland 1010


- Project focus: Developing the proposal for the Ports of Auckland

- Visualising the Concept, through digital rendering and manipulation

- Producing planning and programmatic diagrams for council proposal

- creating iterations and options for further discussion and development

- Attending meetings for proposal and concept development


Brahmbhatt Architects - 2016-2017

441E Whittier Blvd, La Habra, California, USA

Designer I

- Assisting the project manager for preparation of construction documents

- Extensive use of Auto-CAD for production of as-builts, proposals, details, making changes and alterations to drawings

- leading residential renovation projects - inc. site visits, meetings, production of drawings

- Attending client meetings to discuss proposals and changes on project designs

- Full site/Building measurements for new projects, Taking on-site photos for office reference

- Referencing/the use of the CBC (California Building Code) during document development

- Following up/contacting consultants/engineers regarding project work

- Archiving office projects, Re-organising project files


Howard Johnson Inn & Suites - 2016

1040 S Main St, St George, USA

Front Desk - Assistant

- Customer Service, Check Ins, Reservations


Worthy Enterprises— 2015-2016

106 Lansford Crescent, Avondale, Auckland, NZ


- Website cataloging - compiling all textile products within parent and child categories within front end.

- Designing layout and format for public use - implementing design decisions through back end.

- Product photography - shooting all textiles, garments and components for Online access, product and collection photography.

- Working with with project managers, employees to achieve tasks and expectations.


Rimu Laundromat - 2010-2015

53 Rimu Street, New Lynn, Auckland, NZ


- Managing customer orders/requirements, clothing

- Providing service - folding, managing machines - dryers + washers

- Cashier service


Volunteer/Community Work/Other


BAPS Organisation - 2009-2016

21 Barrhead Pl, Avondale, Auckland, NZ

Youth group volunteer, Teacher, Designer

- Presentations in front of assemblies - catering for various age groups - children, teenagers, adults

- Leading teams to organise festival projects and programs - time management, meeting deadlines

- Festival decoration team - physical modeling, stage and temple decorations

- Promotional items for events, posters, banners, logos, merchandise items, videos - meeting deadlines, making edits, and changes according to requirements.


Architectural Thesis Assistant - 2015 semester 1

University of Auckland - Sean Park - 5th year masters


- Develop drawings, conceptual ideas and concepts envisioning space, function and form through the use of digital techniques.

- Develop technical drawings, understanding layers, and context.




Media - 2015 - semester 2

University of Auckland - 1:1 Interactive Installation project, Auckland, NZ

- Groups based project - team of 5 - delegation of work, logistics, deadlines, meetings

- 1:1 scale projects - providing safety, producing detailed drawings and fixtures

- Accounting for cost and material, solving structural/technical problems


FESTA - CityUps - 2014 - semester 2

University of Auckland - 1:1 Interactive Installation project in Christchurch, NZ

- Group project - Teams of up to 20, constant collaboration, allocation of tasks and deadlines.

- 1:1 scale built projects - accounting for public safety - solving technical and structural issues.

- Producing technical drawings for engineers and council health and safety forms.

- Machine fabricating large scale elements - CNC, Welding  




Architectural Site Meetings - 2015

Archimedia: 3 Saran Place, Hillsborough, Auckland, NZ

- Attending meetings with architects regarding housing projects, Understanding how work is practiced on site.


Publication - 2013

Lezioni dalla fine del Mondo

- Design project published within English/Spanish architectural book “Lezioni della fine del Mondo”

- Project category Zombie City - Project name: The Viper




NZIA Cadimage Student Design Award - Part 3 - 2015




MS Office

OSX & Windows

Rhinoceros 3D + Grasshopper +Vray





3DS Max

Cinema 4D

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign