Antigravity was an installation project for Christchurch in the south Island of New Zealand. Christchurch is a city that had been hit by several major earthquakes within the past several years, due to damage and reconstruction most of the city life was inactive. To revitalise the spirit of the community and the nightlife, projects from both Auckland University and Unitec came together to provide interactive installations for the residence. All projects had around 18-20 students and had come from all second years in Auckland during semester 2.
The concept behind antigravity was the symbol of construction which for our case was the road cone, The cones for Christchurch have almost a negative connotation of the destruction and danger of redevelopment. The project intends to take the symbol and provide a more enjoyable and interactive experience for the society. The idea of extracting the road cone which is considered almost an anchor and using it to create a light and fun environment is what Antigravity chose to achieve.