Digital fabrication project, the installation that was produced was completed in a group of five students. Our concept focused heavily on kinetic movement and circulation as the driver. Throughout the semester, our interest came from the analogy between machines and human bodies, we wanted to fuse the conceptual thinking of art with the artificial intelligence of technology together to create an innovative hybrid - providing humans with a unique yet an emotionally charged experience, and as a group we felt that the best way to achieve this was the idea of kinetic movement as an abstract manifestation of these ideas. 
Our inspiration and precedent stemmed from an existing project called "Bit Flow" by Kinetic artist Julius Popp, Through the analysis of his work we were able to extract ideas, different techniques and methods we could use to achieve some of the results that we were interested in. To mirror the human body through technology, we used a series of clear tubes tethered to a ribbed frame (designed using Rhino 3D + Grasshopper and using CNC methods as a form of fabrication) which would would circulate liquid at specific intervals. The liquid is pumped through the tubes using an automated air pressure condenser, which is programmed to release air between calculated interludes of the releasing liquid. 
The final result creates a dynamic liquid system which flows seamlessly through the entire structure. The installation aims to generate a new and interactive relationship with the viewer through a lively visual experience. we feel that the success in the project is that it transcends the boundaries of the traditional, handcrafted, static object-encouraging the idea that beauty could be the product of mechanical movement and dynamism.