The relation between the existing and the new brings on the concept of a symbiotic relationship between two entities. Coherence looks at this condition finely and attempts to produce a cohesive connection between the two polars. The project is an architectural intervention that materializes and transforms the built environment; it provides a new perspective and orientation to experience for the public and community.
The new structure produces and redevelops the existing social environment that can now be of greater benefit for the community as well as for the existing situation.
The projects symbiosis behavior is reflected within its encouragement of producing mutually beneficial relationships between people or groups, this is reflected within the representation of its host and its support for each other, through both structural and spatial composition.
Parasitic architecture can be defined “as an adaptable, transient and exploitive form of architecture that forces relationships with host buildings in order to complete themselves.” Ideally parasites thrive and depend on the existing host.
The structure provides strength for its weaker counterpart while utilizing its existing space to its own benefit, producing what is not only symbiotic but also that which is coherent within a relationship.